Fever kept my virtual world away

[Just a short post now so that I may write some more posts today itself.]

The reason why I was not blogging for a week was my sickness.I got fever just after 1 hour after shutting down my laptop.It was 102 degree Fahrenheit at the beginning.BTW,it would be a long story then so just know that it got till 103.5 degree Fahrenheit and I was very week at that time.

Even my mother catched  it and 1 of my sisters had typhoid.

It was a very bad experience overall.I was not allowed to open my computer at that time and so no internet completely for first 2 or 3 days.I am a die-hard fan of Facebook but got much of my networking skills lost.After those 4 days,as my fever got less but full weakness,I just opened my Facebook account from my[mother's] cell phone and that was just a joyful experience :).I left out school for 5 days and am thinking of going from tomorrow if possible.

I planned this and that for my blog for achieving in the first week which got ruined.:( I lost many things and hopes.Now,I have to recreate it.From today onwards,posting will start as it was before.So no problem now.

I am readying some posts and will have a next post in just a matter of minutes.

So bye for now,


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About Jayant Raj

I am a student who is a Tech Geek, Web Developer, gamer, blogger and much more...I like blogging very much and wanna achieve Fame and Fortune Money from it. ^_^
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