Fever kept my virtual world away

[Just a short post now so that I may write some more posts today itself.]

The reason why I was not blogging for a week was my sickness.I got fever just after 1 hour after shutting down my laptop.It was 102 degree Fahrenheit at the beginning.BTW,it would be a long story then so just know that it got till 103.5 degree Fahrenheit and I was very week at that time.

Even my mother catched  it and 1 of my sisters had typhoid.

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Review-Unreal Development Kit

[Unreal Development Kit=UDK]

Today I’ll discuss about the Epic’s free Game Engine “Unreal Development Kit” or “UDK”.As you know it’s an game engine for Free.Gears of Wars and Mass Effect like games are made by it’s professional software.This is a free edition with the power of Unreal Engine 3.So you can make those games.

There are countless games made by Unreal Engine.Here are some-> CLICK HERE.

Most of the things can be known about it from it’s Website only.But I’ll give you a short form of it.

Who’s it for?

Anyone. Everyone. You. Unreal Engine 3 has been used by game developers, researchers, television studios, machinima directors, artists and students. If you have an idea that needs to be brought to life in a game engine, UDK is for you. Continue reading

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How and Why Chameleons Change Color?

There’s a belief that chameleons change their color to blend their surroundings and that’s something a kid would hear which is not at all true.It’s just some fake words.

How do Chameleons Change Color?

Most chameleons change between green, brown and gray – their surroundings are usually the same colors. Each chameleon species has its own color range. They can’t just turn any color. Chameleons can change their color because of a very complex cell system. Beneath it’s transparent skin are several cell layers which contain pigments. We also have pigments which cause our skin to darken in the sun. By opening and closing cells called Continue reading

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Comparison of Linux Distributions

For those who don’t know what’s Linux,please head over HERE.

As we know,there are hundreds of Linux Distributions available and choosing 1 for our work is very cumbersome if you don’t wanna try each one at a time. :P I have never used or tried Linux[I'll use it later].So this information may not be accurately correct.

At first,Linux was just a waste of time,an Open Source stuff which didn’t had much users and developers.But it held it’s peace and now,it’s a major OS in the market allowing us to even change and distribute it.Yeah,it means that you can easily make 1 for your use or public.But more to talk about that later.Linux distro’s are just reliable operating systems for high priority servers to the play OS for geeks and hackers. Continue reading

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My Examinations got over

Hi friends

Don’t think that I’ll just post about Tech as I am slightly bored of it.So writing about my life a little.Let’s see… From where to begin? Umm…yeah,got it :)

Lemme[Let me] introduce myself a little.I am a 7th grade boy[Teen] who doesn’t have much impression in School now will/shall have later maybe.That’s why I’m here to get a heavy impression. ^_^

I am an Indian and from this year many schools announced that only 2 examinations would be held instead of 3 in which one is mine.

So my first term began on 6th September and then Continue reading

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“Halo Reach” sales hits $200 million on the first day

[For people who don't know about Halo,I recommend them to search about it]

Halo Reach is the end of Halo franchise.I mean it’s the last game released for Halo.On Thursday,Microsoft announced that it’s ‘Halo : Reach’ video game for Xbox console generated $200 million in global sales on its launch day.

It’s cost : Reach starts at $60, with special editions priced at $80 and $250, while a special Xbox console plus the new version of the game goes for $400.I know it’s pricey but not breaking the bond of its lovers though.

The corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studio said Continue reading

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My Time Is Now

Your time’s up,my time’s now.You’ll be defeated in blogging by me somehow!
Coz I’m here,to make the world Rock-KKK now.

This my my brand new blog/website and I hope[and will,bet?] rock the world a little…

I was hoping this blog to be created[by me] tomorrow but hopefully and dreadfully,my mind changed.First I’ll finish some formalities :-

Who is the founder of GeekFume?

ANS.. Jayant Raj [Me]

What is this blog about? Continue reading

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